pure linen love hearts stuffed with lavender from Provence


andmade home accessories eautifully handmade in Britain



monogrammed lavender love heart personalised lavender love heart linen lavender heart in blanket stitch

single button with blanket stitch

personalised with 1 letter

monogrammed with 2 letters


the classic


fawn swan


lavender swan

classic lavender bag in linen lavender heart with hand embroidered emblem hand embroidered emblem on lavender bag

Pure linen love hearts, stuffed with lavender from Provence.

Choose the traditional piped edging, or select blanket stitch for a homespun feel.  Finished with a classic mother-of-pearl button, either a giant single or paired. We also dip into our collection of one-off glass and wooden buttons for designs that are unique to you. Hanging cords are of pure linen or grosgrain.  

Hearts can be personalised with letters, hand embroidered or appliqued with your design.    

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