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Regular washing makes linen softer, but do not wash any items that contain a dry filling such as lavender or balsam as they must not be immersed in water.  Instead, make a small mild detergent solution and apply in a dabbing motion, using a piece of plain colourfast cotton.  This should be all you need to do to remove any light grubbiness or staining.  

Small knots on linen fibres appear randomly and are part of natural charm of the fabric.  Do not attempt to cut them off with scissors as this may cause the fabric to split.  

Some of the linen that we use comprises a linen/viscose mix, which minimises the renowned linen wrinkles.  Viscose is derived from natural fibres and the cleaning method is as described above for linen.


All the cotton fabrics we use are colourfast.  However, please take care with the soft baskets and bunting because some of these have wadding inside.  So, while a gentle washing machine cycle will clean the cotton, it is not good for the wadding.  We recommend dabbing a mild washing solution onto any areas that need to be cleaned, and avoid immersing them into water.  Afterwards, ensure they are fully dried and aired in an airing cupboard.  Do not tumble dry.  Do not iron.


Do not attempt to clean any of the book art.   

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Fabric Care